Art Month Bus Tour

01 Mar - 31 Mar 2014

Art Month Bus Tour

Unlike previous exhibitions, “Sum of its parts” features fragments of figures and faces as though they are too big to fit on the canvas. The portraits are bursting out from the restraints of the canvas edges. They don’t want to fit “inside the box”.

Dates & Times

  • March01
  • Opening night
  • March31
  • Exhibition ends

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Art Month Bus Tour

On a cold and wet Sunday afternoon a group of passionate and enthusiastic art lovers braved the weather to do a bus tour of the Paddington and Woollahra galleries in Sydney. In conjunction with Art Month Sydney, Sebastian Goldspink the Creative Producer led the tour and talk by showing our current exhibition Michael Taylor and our South African Group Show as well as taking them upstairs to visit our Stockroom. The talk was a fantastic opportunity from the public to engage in new works and learn about different artists. The group then enjoyed some wine and cheese before heading off to the next gallery.


Art Month Bus Tour

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