Andrew Nicholls

Love Sick Catalogue Launch14 Jul - 16 Jul 2023

Andrew Nicholls
'Love Sick Catalogue Launch'

.M Contemporary is delighted to host the launch event for Love Sick, a retrospective catalogue documenting the second decade of Andrew Nicholls’ creative practice.

Saturday July 15th, 2 – 4pm

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  • July14
  • Opening night
  • July16
  • Exhibition ends

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Andrew Nicholls | Love Sick Catalogue Launch

A respected Western Australian artist and curator, Nicholls is well-known for his high-camp and high-baroque drawings, ceramics and photography, which include his acclaimed ceiling mural at the City of Perth Library, Delight and Hurt Not (2016), and solo exhibition Hyperkulturemia at The Art Gallery of Western Australia (2018-2019). Love Sick chronicles these, and other works created during his second decade of practice.

The limited-edition monograph additionally includes his expansive curatorial projects engaging with iconic heritage sites The Freud Museum, London and the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. The outcome of these two residency projects were the highly-lauded group exhibitions An Internal Difficulty – Australian Artists at the Freud Museum London, which showed at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts as part of the Perth Festival, 2015, and A Gentle Misinterpretation – Australian Artists and Chinoiserie, which recently exhibited at Fremantle Arts Centre.

In addition to Nicholls’ own writing about his work, the book includes a foreword by Eugenio Viola (Curator, The Museum Of Modern Art Of Bogota), a newly-commissioned essay by Glenn Iseger-Pilkington (Curator, Fremantle Arts Centre), and writing published from 2009-2019 by a number of Australian writers including Dr. Robert Cook, Dr. Theo Costantino, Macushla Robinson, and others.

The book is a follow-up to his previous limited-edition monogram Love Andrew Nicholls – Drawn Works, 1998-2008, which chronicled the first decade of his career.

The development of this project was supported by funding from the Western Australian Government, through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. This launch event follows from Nicholls’ recent solo exhibition with .M Contemporary, Gay Magick, which showed at the gallery in March 2023, in conjunction with World Pride.

Andrew Nicholls

Andrew Nicholls is an Australian/British artist, writer, and curator whose practice engages with the sentimental, camp, and other historically-marginalised aesthetics, and traces the historical recurrence of particular aesthetic motifs. He is especially concerned with periods of cultural transition during which Western civilisation’s stoic aspirations were undone by base desires, fears or compulsions, and with 18th century Britain’s fascination with, and paranoia of, other cultures and ‘othered’ identities.

Andrew Nicholls | Love Sick Catalogue Launch

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