Lumina – Aly Indermühle

Lumina is an exhibition that is not only about light it is about mood and atmosphere, and in relation to people, this light is about emotion and connection.

The series of artworks are based on sensation; there is a sense of comfort, relating to the unconscious connection we feel to each other as the lights glow on dark winter night. Sunset oranges, vivid summer sky blue, exotic magentas, cool vibrant teals, and touchable humanlike peaches evoke subjective experiences in each viewer. 

Aly Indermühle’s artistic explorations encompass light installations and digital technologies. Her works combine the structure of the real world with the beauty of sublime elements and energies, which are both intangible and ephemeral. Her light installation works utilise form, light, and atmosphere to evoke emotion and mood. Each artwork is focused on the viewer experience, a relatable and wonder filled dream state world where the mind is released to explore light and the play of colour on form.

Two of Aly’s public outdoor light installations can also be seen this year in Vivid Sydney 2016.

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