Adam Delauney

01 Jul - 31 Jul 2020

Adam Delauney

Exhibition Dates

  • July01
  • Opening night
  • July31
  • Exhibition ends

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Adam Delauney

Over the course of 2020 .M Contemporary has collaborated with stylist Adam Delauney on multiple styling jobs. Above is imagery from one such project. Featured artists include, Maria Jose Benvenuto, Will Coles, Anya Pesce, Eloise Cato, Carl and Eden Plaisted, Nemo Jantzen.

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Maria José Benvenuto

In late 2018, Chilean Artist, Maria Jose Benvenuto, swapped her home city of Santiago, situated in a valley surrounded by mountain ranges, for the scrubby bush lands and oceanic horizons of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. For an artist whose practice had, up until that point, been informed by the imposing mountain peaks that looked down on her previous home, Benvenuto was struck by the endless vistas of Sydney’s landscape.

Anya Pesce

I am an Australian born, Sydney-based artist.

Will Coles

Will Coles is best known for his defiant and accessible take on street art – sculptures that bring together pop and conceptual aesthetics. These familiar yet unsettling works surprise and delight people in cities across the world as they go about their day.

Eloise Cato

Eloise Cato’s practice has embraced the plastic age and all its manufactured mannerisms in the context of the machine of the art world, how its machinations fascinate and inform. Cato works by hijacking injection blow moulding machines of mass production to manipulate polyethylene into unexpected monochromatic abstractions. Endeavouring through the guise of a natural form, a cloak of ebony charcoal, to mask the sins of the synthetic. This surface is gently painted in a highly laborious and time-intensive process that’s not evident through the counting of brushstrokes.

Adam Delauney

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