908 – Carl and Eden Plaisted | Solo Show

October 22 – November 8, 2020

Opening October 22nd, 5pm – 7pm and October 29th, 11am – 3pm.

The artists will be present at both openings.

This exhibition will take place at our new location – Shop 8, 15-19 Boundary Street, Darlinghurst.

908 | Frāctus


The notion of “fractal” was introduced by French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot (1983) and comes from the Latin term frāctus, meaning irregular or fragmented.

908 have drawn on their history in dance (Carl spent 13 years as a principle dancer in the Sydney Dance Company and Eden taught Ballroom & Latin American dance) as inspiration for this recent body of work. Rhythm, movement, repetition and dynamism feature heavily in their creations.

The brothers are also fascinated with the concepts of entropy and regeneration. They often take the broken and discarded and give it new life or conversely take that which is meticulously fashioned and char it with fire (shousugiban).


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