Meaghan Potter and Nicole O'Loughlin


We are delighted to hold Nicole O'Loughlin's first solo exhibition at the gallery and present her works alongside the new worksby Meaghan Potter. 

Nicole O'Loughlin

Nicole O’Loughlin’s hand embroideries depict pop icons in humorous and witty compositions. Reminiscing over childhood and teenage idols Nicole works with embroidery, which has previously been described as a ‘domestic art’, to present pop icons in irreverent and gender challenging thread paintings.

The works offer a postmodern take on needlework, readdressing the craft vs art debate and revaluing what has previously been seen as ‘domestic’ and ‘women’s’ work. Combined with the reinterpretation of domestic objects, Nicole seeks to challenge the pre-conceived notion of the feminine arts as well as flipping the male gaze that occurs in pop culture as well as the fine art world.

Inspiration for the works stems from a childhood attending Catholic schooling, whilst coming home and dancing in front of RAGE wanting to be just like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. Whilst the works do pay homage to those celebrities and characters that were popular during the artist’s childhood, they also take a stab at the celebrity worship that happens within our society. Placing humans on a pedestal, and the idolization of those who seem more beautiful and talented than us, played out through the rehashing of religious iconography and references to classical art.


Meaghan Potter

Australian artist Megan Potter draws from the nature of the Blue Mountains where she lives. Using watercolour, charcoal and ink on paper, Potter creates vibrant and expressive artworks of local flowers and birds. Potter is influenced by the music she listens to when she paints. Embracing the fluidity of her mediums, the impulsive and gestural aesthetic creates a feeling of movement and action in the work.

Themes of phenomenology, nature, and evolution are explored through the artist’s energetic abstraction of the subject matter. By composing, purposely, obscured images she creates a dissonance between the viewer and the subject in order to reveal the abstract, strange and phenomenal truth of the visual world.

Potter completed her Honours majoring in drawing at the National Art School in 2013 and has exhibited throughout Sydney and regional NSW. Meaghan has been a finalist in many art prizes and had several sold out exhibitions at .M Contemporary. Her work is in private collections throughout Australia, Hong Kong, UK, Singapore and New Zealand.


Exhibition Opening 27 July, 6-8pm

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