Giorgia Severi


Exhibition 12 - 26th November Opening 12 November 2 - 4 pm

Ghost Lanscape - Giorgia Severi


Within the debate about anthropocentric and anti-anthropocentric environmental ethics that developed from the beginning until about halfway through the last century, Giorgia Severi's vision might be what has been defined as the "ethics of responsibility". John Passmore was among the first to use this term in the ecological debate having published, in 1974, his book Man's Responsibility for Nature. Passmore's position is one that, even while giving nature a merely exploitable value, invites us to think ethically about our way of administrating nature's resources. Responsibility, then, as a primary action of humanity, one aimed at ensuring for oneself an environment that is neither poverty-stricken nor irretrievably devastated.

Loosing memory of landscape and the contact with it, it means loosing the landscape itself, loosing the world's cultures, loosing awareness about relationship between humans and environment, losing the ancestral connection that from ever links people and Heart. Giorgia Severi's art is the outcome of a deep feeling that has this sense of responsibility at its heart. In this way her art becomes a means for undertaking cultural, social, condemnatory, and awareness-raising actions relating to concerns involving mankind and the Earth. Andrea Lerda founder of PLATFORMGREEN 

All artworks are to be created during the artist's residency at Big Fag Press, Sydney which has been funded through donations from the Italian Cultural Institute. 

More details to come.

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