Mehwish Iqbal

Represented Artist


Mehwish’s work permeates through several layers of self lived experiences within the social, cultural and political climate of the country of her origin, Pakistan and her home Australia. She is interested in exploring the global phenomenon of migration in relation to commodification of human agency; its interdisciplinary relationship to construction and destruction of society through historical narrative and present context. The work particularly highlights contribution and the role of women and children in contemporary society.

Mehwish’s practice often incorporates amalgamation of multiple genres including print, textiles, drawing, painting, sculpture and installation art. The process involves manifold layering, references of the natural world, clothing, text and embodiment of the human form through fragile and tactile surfaces transcending a shifting

and visceral landscape. Her familiarity and fascination with paper makes it a consistent element of her practice. It’s recyclable nature evokes a human element through wear and tear of human body over a period of time. 

The grammar of art for Mehwish is abstract and non-descriptive and germinates through cultivation of ideas questioning social and cultural norms within the contemporary vehicle of society. It carries undertones of social commentary with the epicentre of humanist values initiating a universal discourse around issues of personal and collective identity, home and belonging, position of human agency and monopoly of power play.

Images provided by Mehwish Iqbal of her artist studio space. 





Sydney Contemporary 2018

13 Sep - 16 Sep 2018

Mehwish Iqbal – Flux

09 Mar - 01 Apr 2017