Justin Southey


Born in 1985, Justin Southey graduated Cum Laude from Stellenbosch Academy of Graphic Design and Photography (2007), with a BA in Applied Design.

“Southey creates an immediate abstract language which serves to explore the emotive interplay between the fixed and the transient. Free floating and often in sublime blackened spaces, ‘hills’ and ‘deep ravines’ jostle with the seemingly tectonic, scratched surfaces. Bold, layered planes of colour serve as contrasting richly animated moments as Southey’s paintings pull and push across the surfaces. With a mixture of both melancholy and exuberance, Justin Southey’s ‘landscapes’ refer to unconscious’ visual rhymes’ and all appear to converge from various internal landscapes in the artists mind.” – Emma Van Der Merwe




15 Nov - 29 Nov 2018