James Shand


James Shand is an artist of contemporary abstract landscape. After two decades of fine art training, research, and practice, there is a body of established work of ‘thrown’ and/or brushed painting. The ‘thrown’ process of painting uses a mix of subconscious and conscious engagement where all action is governed by an interplay of the two.

Shand’s painting materials are acrylic on canvas, and are applied with the canvas on the ground. His work may begin with a rough sketch to map out an idea already in the mind. Then the painting is developed in a process of structured layers, until it is ready to be completed with a detailed veil. Sometimes many layers are applied over time before the painting is finished, sometimes the work needs a rapid progression to keep the thread alive, and sometimes it is a long and tedious process for Shand. Every painting demands a new approach as with every day, there is a new challenge of conceptual and practical co-ordination. 

Every work contains and expresses an individual system of expanding relationships between elements, much like a graph database. Each work is the expression of a system in practice.