Emilie Syme Lamont


Emilie’s paintings play with the memory of childhood. Through familiar scenes and shared cultural symbols she seeks to explore aspects of consciousness that are common to us all. 

Memories are fragmented by nature, evoked by sensory triggers in ways that are often unexpected and that transport us to times and places normally unreachable or forgotten. The nostalgic experience forms part of our identity and colours our interpretation of the present.

Her current practice seeks to give form to these ideas through recognisable images, in a way that is poetic rather than didactic. The wonder of painting is in its ability to convey ambiguity, and access the liminal space between past and present where memories usually reside. In a sense the act of painting is a lot like remembering; ­information is omitted and that which remains takes on an uncanny nature.



End of the World

02 Feb - 15 Feb 2019