Eloise Cato

Represented Artist


Eloise Cato’s practice currently examines the visual patterns of natural phenomenons, representing them as unique and pure abstractions in her pieces. In so doing she aims to provide a metaphysical representation of our contemporary state. Sculptural in nature, Cato’s dismantled ‘landscapes’ distort and disorient what we know as real and place things in a new and shockingly unexpected way. Through the method of burning, her monochromatic work becomes not only the remains of a brutal force but the embodiment of an art medium. Charcoal sourced from bushfire sites and plastic worked from industrial blow-mould extruders take on opposing mannerisms associated with their dual realties. This interplay of the natural and the artificial is an underlying theme in Cato’s work. Graduating from the National Art School with a BFA in 2013, Cato’s work is currently held in private collections. Notable exhibitions include; the Museum of Contemporary Art’s staff show- Interplay in 2013, Embers of Empathy- held by GPY&R in 2014 and Saatchi & Saatchi’s annual exhibition of 2014. She is now currently working towards her upcoming soloshow this September at Chasm Gallery.



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02 May - 31 May 2015

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07 Mar - 29 Mar 2015

Eloise Cato

14 Feb - 15 Mar 2015

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30 Aug - 12 Oct 2014

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19 Jul - 24 Aug 2014