Amy Carkeek


Amy Carkeek’s photographic practice explores the impact of popular culture and consumer imagery upon the construction of Western society’s outdated and unattainable façade. Consumer imagery now relies on the visual power and persuasive abilities of the photograph to communicate and represent the narrative, values and desires of a capitalist and profit driven system like never before. Carkeek seeks to depict the cracks in this veneer as she questions the motivations of a system that promotes and accepts the continual commodification of all aspects of life through the construction of the photograph.

Carkeek has exhibited in galleries across Australia and in Philadelphia, USA. She has been a finalist in various prestigious awards such as Wyndham Art Prize, Moreton Bay Region Art Award, Clayton Utz Art Award and Ulrick and Schubert Photography Award, and she has won the Contemporary Art Awards, and the Lord Mayors Photographic Award.

She is currently undertaking her PhD at Queensland College of Art – Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.



Satirical Pop

22 Mar - 04 Apr 2018