Amber-Rose Hulme


Suddenly bathed in silence, these walls, now devoid of their intended purpose, take on a new identity, giving voice to the expressions of others as a blank canvas.

In these works Amber-Rose uses graffiti as a symbol for the unsolicited labeling of others, scrawled across every surface. These buildings or structures stand resolutely steadfast, a parallel of ourselves standing still amongst the commotion. The words, both negative and positive, have the power to shape or alter the perception of the wearer. The intended meaning of these words, however, may be quickly lost or altered by the addition of many voices layered over each other. This temporal quality akin to that of the spoken word moves at a much slower pace, as if we can see the conversation played out in slow motion.

Amber-Rose explores how we are shaped by our individual experiences and how we find who we are through the noise, the collective anthology, or interweaving of many voices, only finding tranquility once we’ve learnt to accepted ourselves and our words completely.

She had chosen to use a medium not often associated with street art, and found that traditional pastel on paper allowed her to emphasise the textures in the images. The feeling of the dry pigment beneath her fingers somehow reminiscent of running her hand along the wall itself. The brighter the colour, the louder the conversation seems to be, which is why in some of her works she chose to contrast the most densely coloured graffiti with greyscale for the rest of the image.

Professional highlights include finalist selection in 2016 for the Rick Amor Drawing Prize, Stanthorpe Art Prize and Corangamarah Art Prize. In 2015 she was selected as a finalist in the Hutchins Drawing Prize, Sunshine Coast Art prize, Corangamarah Art Prize and received a highly commended in the Muswellbrook Art Prize. In 2014 she was accepted into her first major art prize as a finalist in the Paul Guest Drawing Prize.



At the End of the World

03 Feb - 14 Feb 2018

Meticulous Conversations

02 Dec - 21 Dec 2017