Sally McKay

An online exhibition featuring two series of works by Australian photographer, Sally McKay.

Blind Radius celebrates the things that exist in our local environments that we see every day, yet are totally unaware of. The artist brings her unique perspective to these natural and wonderful objects, opening viewers’ minds to the beauty and mystery that surrounds us at all times – and that we can discover too if we only look hard enough.

Sally McKay’s latest body of work sends viewers on a captivating journey into the realms of the seen and the unseen – the central and the peripheral. Following on from her previous project, “Blind Radius,” “Blind Radius II” is yet another masterful exploration of the impact of contemporary visual culture that proves McKay’s talent, situating her not only as one of Australia’s most technically skilled photographers, but also as one of the medium’s most conceptually and compositionally distinctive proponents. – Nicholas Forrest


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