Conrad Botes Opening

Conrad Botes Opening
1 May 2014

South-African artist Conrad Botes was in Sydney to open his solo exhibition On Earth as it is in Heaven. He produced an installation live in the gallery a week prior to the opening by creating a mural for the front gallery. The work was an incorporation of hand painted figures and framed reverse glass paintings.

The exhibition showcases a retrospective of his past and present work exploring themes of politics, violence, race, religion and gender. It presents Conrad’s various formal practices of acrylic, reverse glass painting and lithographs. Conrad’s works mostly look at the beauty and horror of life and the situations people are faced with. The vibrant colours manifest the subject matter, which at times can be seen as sad and disturbing.

Conrad states: “A theme that I explore in my works is violence and its disturbing relationship between race and gender, growing up during Apartheid South Africa, this theme holds the potential for exploring the intricacies of guilt and complicity while still being a fundamental issue in today’s society”.

Come and visit the gallery to see Conrad’s mural.
The exhibition runs from 1 May- 8 June 2014