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The exhibition travels between a hybrid of fine art, literature and the complexities of contemporary life. Hattingh’s distinctive style is deeply layered and functions as a hyper textual, image ridden network of traces and meanings.

We anticipate great things from this new artist, her debut solo show in Australia, Each Their Own Wilderness is a truly incredible body of work and almost sold out at the opening.

Marna’s wide appeal sees her work being sort internationally with a solo show at the Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong in 2014 followed by another solo show in South Africa in 2015.

Her exhibition at .M Contemporary runs until 6 October 2013

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Thursday 19 Sep 9-11pm
RSVP essential very limited capacity


Garth Knight
The Enchanted Forest

We are very excited to host the VIP after-party for the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair and have an exciting night planned for you.

Australian artist Garth Knight will take you on a journey with a live performance, applying his interest in Zen concepts, pagan mythology and the traditions of kinbaku bondage.

We will also have an exclusive sneak peak at a new Melbourne band who will be playing a selection of their music.

Access is restricted to RSVP and VIP passes, if you have not registered or received your VIP pass, please visit us at the gallery as we have a very limited capacity.


Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

Sydney Contemporary is Australia’s new international art fair. The inaugural show will take place on 20-22 September 2013 at Redfern’s art precinct, Carriageworks. It will showcase modern and contemporary artwork from around the world presenting multi-displinary practices..M Contemporary’s artist Lyndi Sales has been especially selected to produce an installation piece for the main entrance of the foyer.?Shatter consists of five large mirrored discs that will be suspended from the ceiling; it will appear to float through space.Visit us at BOOTH PC 106 to view more work by the renowned artist Lyndi Sales



Image Annie Aikten
Title: Kaleidoscope 9

Annie Aitken has the alchemist’s touch; her work transforms discarded materials into soft sculptures that appear to erupt with colour out from the wall.

The beautifully crafted sculptures assume the form of fragile containers, transforming materials of the everyday into artworks that speak directly to our senses, expressing the beauty of nature. The delicate constructions are seen as “three dimensional drawings” by the artist, as they hover between both two and three dimensional.

Claiming Artworks as a Tax Deduction

Photographer, Roger Ballen Interview by Michael Kirchoff

Lionel Smit, Sculptor, Artist

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