Top 5 articles you should be reading


1) Inside the mind of a million dollar art Bidder.
The New Yorker
Following the record breaking $87 million sale of Monet’s Grain stack’s, The New Yorker has seen fit to ask what the value of an artwork what really is and what drives these exclusive prices higher and higher. This insightful article takes a microscope and examines the Auction format. Offering a detailed explanation from auction adrenalin rush to art world politics, why and how the art market works.
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2) The Bitter legal Battle over Peggy Guggenheims Blockbuster Art collection
Vanity Fair
Peggy Guggenheim was one of the 21st centuries most influential art collectors and patrons. Her persona was famously fashionable and seductive. This modern woman amassed an extensive and layered art collection throughout the coarse of her life, that after her death was left the Guggenheim foundation. Many of Peggy’s descendants now feel the Guggenheim Foundation has been miss treating the collection, starting an intensely personal legal battle concerning control and trusteeship. This article gives a fascinating insight into the life, times and turmoils of the 21st century enigma and her legacy.
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articles23) A brief history of women in video art
Video art has never been a medium dominated by men. In the 1960’s pioneering women like Valerie Export and Joan Jonas paved the way for an entire future repertoire of women video artist. This Feature takes a look at how and why women became leading innovators of the digital medium. Offering a unique chance to view the video work referenced this feature is inspiring and fascinating, an online exhibition, celebrating women in art.
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4) Diverse Indigenous voice heard in US Exhibition,’Everywhen’
Art Monthly
It is always exciting to hear about Australia art ventures overseas. This feature in art monthly is a heart-warming reminder of the diverse pool of artistic expression Australian culturally has to offer. Stephen Gilchrist Australian Studies lecturer at the University of Sydney has curated an exhibition at the Harvard Art Museum. Artist includes Vernon Ah Khee, Emily Kame and Judy Watson. Acknowledgment of country is explored in the exhibition a largely foreign idea for an American audience.
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5) NGA director Jackson Pollock sale ‘Ludicrous’
ABC Arts
“It’s a fantastic thing that the National Gallery of Australia, the people of Australia, own one of the greatest pictures in the world and certainly perhaps the greatest American picture of the 20th century.” Dr Gerard Vaughan Director of the NGV speaking about the $350 million Jackson Pollack painting owned by all Australians. Learn about the history behind this modern artwork and the controversy surrounding it. Should this National Treasure be sold?
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Photographer, Roger Ballen Interview by Michael Kirchoff

Lionel Smit, Sculptor, Artist

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