Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair @ Carriageworks, Redfern
19 Sep 2013 – 22 Sep 2013
The Inaugural Sydney Contemporary Art Fair showcased over 83 local and international galleries, representing 300 artists from around the world and bringing over 1,000 works for this weekend long event.

Tim Etchells (co-founder of Hong Kong Art Fair) and Barry Keldoulis opened the event as Carriageworks transformed itself into its first art fair. It was a magnificent event to be part of and was packed with art enthusiasts, avid collectors and new collectors from all over.

Included in the program were informative talks by artist Ben Quility, publisher Suzanne Boccalatte, Associate Dean of Sydney College of the Arts Jacqueline Millner, art advisor Mark Hughes and gallery Director Anna Schwartz.

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