SangHyun Lee: Colonisation, Consumerism and the Politics of Otherness

We are very excited about our current exhibition by renowned South Korean Artist, SangHyun Lee: ‘Colonisation, Consumerism and the Politics of Otherness.’

At SangHyun’s artist dinner, Anna Davies from the MCA spoke of SangHyun’s work, expressing that “It’s a really deep and complex practice that exists on a number of levels… [SangHyun Lee’s works] really draw on the history of both South and North Korean to depict what I would describe as a futuristic past, observed very much from the position of the other… [SangHyun Lee] uses collage, humor and satire to tackle quite complex issues based around ideas of artificiality and reality in contemporary Korea, but also criticizing what he might call a hyper-consumer, hyper-material, money-over-love mentality” (September 2nd, .M Contemporary Gallery).

In his work, there is a fusion of traditional art practice and modern day technology, many of the backgrounds are painted in traditional inks and take months to complete. This ancestral work is then montaged with modern computer generated images to create a new contemporary composition that questions today’s politics and policies.

There are three recurring theme’s in Lee’s work: the artist’s presence in each piece (SangHyun Lee places himself in each of his works), the fake peach blossoms, and the different womens faces in the works- a commentary on plastic surgery in Korea, where the practice is more popular than any other country.

The dichotomy of both past and present, artificiality and reality, east and west, depict to the audience notions of potential becomings, as these works challenge the course our future may take. As an artistic, insightful inventor, SangHyun Lee has created several possible futures.

‘Colonisation, Consumerism and the Politics of Otherness’ will be exhibited at .M Contemporary Gallery until September 8. Please send all enquires you might have to [email protected] Pyongyang Gisaeng Dies to Save her Chastity Nostalgia Circle 1 Nostalgia Circle 2

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