Marna Hattingh Opening

Marna Hattingh Opening
Each Their Own Wilderness

Marna Hattingh’s exhibition Each Their Own Wilderness was her first solo show in Australia and was a great success. A body of work inspired by a 1957 play by British writer Doris Lessing. The works are an integration of daily life and the wider society blurring humor and social commentary with a playful palette. The compositions highlight the linear style of repetition, waves, movement, diagonal lines and patterns.

The exhibition explores the hybrid of fine art, literature and the complexities of contemporary life and the society that we live in. Her distinctive style is deeply layered and functions as a hyper textual, image-ridden network of traces and meanings. With more than half of the works sold during the exhibition she is bound to be a success worldwide. Her success has been well sought after, with her next solo show at Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong in 2014.

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