Lyndi Sales Opening

Lyndi Sales Opening

The opening exhibition Levitate showcased the works by South-African artist Lyndi Sales, the body of work spans from 2006 to 2013 and explores the themes of perception and connectivity. Her series of installations seek to investigate the circumstances surrounding the controversial Helderberg plane crash, the materials she uses often sheds light on the fragile nature of our existence, temporality and how chance plays a role in our lives. It was such a successful opening, despite the rain and cold weather!

The Director of Sydney Contemporary Art Fair Barry Keldoulis officially opened the gallery while Professor Jill Bennett from COFA (College of Fine Arts) spoke about the opening exhibition Levitate. Lyndi was overwhelmed with the positive and enthusiastic response that she received from the Australian audience and was more than happy to share in the excitement. When Jill spoke about her work, Lyndi stated that she felt a little emotional when hearing about the perception of her work from others, as her works form the basis of her own personal experiences in life.

As Nicholas Forrest states about this new exhibition and venture-“.M Contemporary has the potential to become a major force in the Australian commercial gallery scene”. And so it begins…

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