Hannah Quinlivan Opening


.M Contemporary presents Hannah Quinlivan and Imperfect Translations. The opening featured performance drawing by dancers Rachael Hilton and Sarah Hamilton. Quinlivan’s exhibition is an exploration of two and three- dimensional works focusing on the ideas of motion, rhythm, dance, repetition and the unfolding paths of memory:

Memory moves and has rhythm all of its own. Even in the stillness, the pulse of rhythm is ever present, a murmur of breath in the darkness. Recurrence and motion are entangled in a dialectical dance, always unfolding, always becoming. A motive force and vestigial trace, recollection and remembrance look not just back but forward, tracing and retracing a path between the present and the past. This temporal oscillation describes a mode of motion, reprising that which is never the same. Memory rushes forth toward a destination that is always out of reach, not in motion but motion itself. Repetition, return and difference, these are the elements that comprise the transient rhythm of recollection, imperfect translations of the infinite.

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Photographer, Roger Ballen Interview by Michael Kirchoff

Lionel Smit, Sculptor, Artist

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