5 Art Podcasts .M Contemporary Staff Are Listening To

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  2. 1. Artsy

    The ARTSY podcast is probably the best podcast about the global art world, featuring news, history lessons and insider tips. The best episodes to start with are No. 17 What’s in a Frame?,  No. 4 What is an Emerging Artist Anyway? and the Special Edition: Art Basel in Miami. Available on iTunes



    2. CANVAS (FBi Radio)

    Canvas is a radio show, hosted by three Sydney based artists Abdul Abdullah, Nat Randall and David Capra. It is all about the emerging and cutting edge in Sydney. Tune in for unique critical conversations on contemporary art, document Australian practice and promote exciting local projects. You can listen to it on the FBi Radio website.



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  5. 3. 99% Invisible

    So technically this one is more about design then art, but it’s so good we just had to put it in. This podcast talks about everything from where the NBC Chime sound came from, to how people forecast fashion trends. All the episodes are great so just jump right in. Available on iTunes



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  7. 4. The Modern Art Notes Podcast

    By Tyler Green this weekly podcast interviews artists, curators, & art historians on the hows & whys of creating art. It also has a pretty awesome blog. This podcast is great if you always want to know more about the artist, their process and their thoughts on the work. Available on iTunes


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  9. 5. Art Marketing Action Podcasts

    This podcast is by art-marketing and artist career consultant Alyson B. Stanfield.   It offers bite-sized and insightful tips on how to market yourself, your work or your gallery in the art world. This is a must listen for anyone wanting to work in art. It was discontinued in 2010, but nearly 200 episodes are still available on iTunes.

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