Fiona Watson

A sculptor with a background in photography, Watson is drawn to create shape and form through the use of three-dimensional arrangements of material and light.

Object and shadow mesh together to create seemingly linear drawn forms; some reminiscent of organic objects and others with reference to dance and movement. Watson’s aim is to engage the viewer in the fascination of observed light and line and its inherent transformative qualities through the use of shadow play, existing as a fleeting moment with the casting of a light.

It comes to represent a part of us that are not of the physical, every moment in time being ephemeral.

Focal to this series of works is Aorta, representing the remarkable centre of ourselves that keeps us all living, breathing and emotionally motivated. In this instance we are not together and fully formed unless we co-exist with our non-physical selves; our physical and emotional heart.

The choice of material is paramount to Watson, the object must be able to hold a density of light and shade within the shadow formation. Seeking an ambiguity between the object and its shadow Watson is merging rather than creating a dramatization of black dense drawn out shadows. The mesh forms a perfect medium, allowing for a blending of light and shade together to create a playful form.

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