An online solo exhibition featuring works by Greek photography, Efi Gousi.

Efi Gousi is a Greek photographer, director and actress. She graduated from the National Theatre of Northern Greece – Drama School in 2008. Since then, she has travelled the globe, sourcing and capturing moments of dramatic environment, object and art. Feelings of joy, sadness and rage are captured through bold, light and pastel colour. Her photographs explore and deal with human emotion in varied situations. Goufi’s photograph’s are a fusion of contradictions: she pits the passionate against the inanimate, the spirited against the broken, and the innocent against the sinister; hiding a gritty subtext behind a glossy, visceral surface. “I love photographing innocent people in a dark environment.”

Obsessed with the stylized and clean-edged look, Gousi pulls apart and reconstructs a person’s motives and emotions to document a battle of inner-identity. The women in Goufi’s photography are clearly feminine, dressed in pastel pinks and yellows, and posed in ways that underscore their feminine wiles; yet a closer look into their eyes reveals the spectrum of their expressions – from intensity to pain, anguish to sorrow.

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