Sergio Hernandez Merchan

I am still here… is a body of work that explores relationships with the present. Sergio is stirred by what it is to be human, and how we can hold people and places in our minds when they cannot be physically seen. He thinks about migration, displacement and death; and asks himself what part of him is still actively influencing the lives he has touched. Sergio obtains experiences, memories, places, relationships and ideas from the past that vividly influence him everyday.

The concept of being present, beyond our physical body, gives Sergio great comfort and relief when he imagines the people who are no longer alive, their voices, expressions and ideas that still live on in him. He then asks himself, “How do I embody their influence and pass it on to another?” His work explores the idea that a person can always be present, not just as a memory but alive in the ideas they leave behind; they live on in the absence of that person and even after their death.

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