Monica Styles

Monica Styles is a Melbourne based photography and video artist. Her practice is concerned with the banal and the everyday, exploring the processes of using object as subject. Styles’ work attempts to understand the transition of something existing autonomously (with a context separate from a person) to becoming alive, the subject of an artwork, and a vessel to talk about someone’s identity.

Styles completed her Honours in Visual Arts at The Australian National University, and was awarded the Peter and Lena Karmel Honours Scholarship in Visual Art. In 2017, Styles undertook the EASS Country to Coast residency in regional and coastal NSW, and since then has been exhibiting in Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne.

Her series, Disposable Women, set out to explore femininity, sexuality and the domestic space through photography. The ordinary and banal is elevated to a fine art form and given a life of it’s own – no longer a commodity but a strong and imposing feminine presence that demands to be seen.

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