Liron Gilmore

Liron Gilmore’s work explores themes of survival, resilience and the possibility for transformation through experimentations with sculpture, video and installation. The ebb and flow of Nature is also a recurring metaphor within her work. Like a shamanic arrangement of branches wrapped in thread and yarn, her sculptures are inspired by the bold markings displayed on the wings of insects where eyespots beguile, patterns disrupt and colours dazzle. She likens the gathering of fallen branches to an archaeological dig where a commonplace branch becomes a relic, the map of a life lived to be commemorated and embalmed.

The process of wrapping lies somewhere between ritual and meditation as each thread moves with her breath. Fascinated by an insect’s ability to conceal itself from predators, her work embodies characteristics of mimicry and camouflage. At a distance the yarn gives the illusion of paint and branches resemble sinewy bones or insect-like appendages. A trick of the eye invites the viewer to take a closer look – perhaps for the first time at a tree branch causing a subtle shift in perception as the individual threads are revealed.

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