Joy Ivill

Joy Ivill’s (b. 1947) art is profoundly confessional, at times amusing but simultaneously emanating an intensely emotional and vulnerable side. Her works raw openness, immediacy, and sexually provocative witty attitude fascinates the viewer. She reveals intimate details of her life in a powerful way. For her, art making is a cathartic process, it exorcises her pain and as a result she is highly prolific. Joy has exhibited throughout Australia and Asia.

Needlework has always been a discipline used to inculcate feminine qualities and indicate a social setting where leisure prevailed.

Women from “good” families were encouraged to sit and do needlework while their brothers studied Latin poetry.

However, with the rise of the feminist art movement embroidery and sewing came into its own and became a strong political tool. Joy has completed three years as a sculpture major at UNSW College of Fine Arts, and completed her Honours in 2014.

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