Josh Reeves

Joshua Reeves is an interdisciplinary Sydney based artist working across object collection, photography, writings, drawing, ceramics and sculpture. He uses his expanded sculpture practice to address the materiality of trauma, humour and everyday life within a western lower middle class context. Making work with direct reference to his own lived experience he unpacks moments of traumatic affect and re-formulates them into objects and installations.  ‘Lower Middle Arse’ confronts the materiality of class and relationships to embodied memories in a domestic lower-middle Australian family context.

My body, your body, everyone’s bungholes.

I’m at the centre of my white boyish utopia working up the courage to be genuine. It’s all very confusing, irritating, socially whack and constricting.

I’m stupid, you’re stupid, lets change what adult means.

I’ve been exploring my identity connected to my paternal side (which is in stark contrast to my maternal lineage).

My paternal heritage is permeated by extreme masculinity, aggression, manipulation, addiction and abuse.

Memories are clay fired in my guts.

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