Grant Maxwell

Grant Maxwell, born in 1967, has been creating works across a range of different mediums since 1988.  His practice has encompassed works on linen, canvas, paper, wood and metal as well as painting in oils and acrylic and a sculpture practice using new and recycled materials.  Layering has always been a key technique with the artist often reworking older works into new pieces.  His latest body of works concentrates on ceramics allowing him total freedom of form delving beneath the surface to explore both the interior and the shadows.

People have historically used pottery as a way to construct their own social identity and Maxwell’s creations play with this idea.  By appropriating religious art and iconography he makes a strong social statement on today’s many cultures and beliefs. His current series of works “Holy POP” forms it’s basis around European religious art and his overseas travels and experiences. The very nature of clay as a malleable form allows Maxwell the opportunity to present historical references alongside sensory ones.  The tiny cracks and burst bubbles that arise in the works a testament to the precariousness of not only the material but also of human life and existence.

The raven forms a central motif in the works.  Inspired by the majestic bird after a visit to London Maxwell was drawn to the immense presence and intelligence of the raven.  He lends his voice to the bird allowing its form to take control of the narrative.  Maxwell becomes anonymous as the raven takes control.

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