908 | Carl and Eden Plaisted

The 908 story tells of a cow owned by the Plaisted family living on a dairy farm in the Adelaide Hills. Each of the 70 cows were named and tagged, however this particular cow was for some reason never named and became fondly referred to by her ear tag number, 908. Her infamy became widespread amongst the neighbours as she had a propensity for Houdini-like acts of escapism. It was common to find her happily feeding on greener pastures in a different paddock often far from the herd. She was never one to let a fence confine her, always finding a way to go beyond the set boundaries, to push the envelope.

908 represents the beginning of a collaboration between two brothers, Carl and Eden Plaisted. Carl’s 12 years as a principal dancer in the Sydney Dance Company and Eden’s musical theatre training at WAAPA and four years at UNSW Art & Design combined with running feral on the farm making sling shots, mud bricks and motorised go-carts in the tool shed present a unique set of skills that have culminated into the birth of a partnership. The duo is called 908.

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