Will Coles

Exhibiting Artist


Born in Warwickshire, I grew up in the Suffolk countryside and spent several years in London and Glasgow before moving to Sydney, Australia. My grandfather, Norman Sillman, is a sculptor so I had easy access to modern and classical art and art theory when I was growing up. For my official art training, I went to Ravensbourne College of Art, Wimbledon School of Art and Glasgow School of Art.  Generally when I sculpt figures they are usually reduced to torsos, sometimes with a limb or two, or with a mechanical or architectural growth where a limb generally projects. These can be considered more classical, conservative or old school depending on your views of modern art. Some of my favourite periods, people and concepts in art history include Ancient Greek, West African, Michelangelo, Japanese Ukiyo-e, Chinese calligraphy, Moore, Rodin, street art, Goldsworthy, McCullin, Rothko, Hamilton-Finlay, Richier. These interests have shaped the work that I have created.



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