Lada Dedić


Lada Dedić is a slow art practitioner who utilises the intricate, almost surgical process of repetitive stitching to document the passage of time while exploring themes of medical anthropology, meditative contemplation and the interplay of science and art.

She utilises techniques and materials which unsettle dominant narratives around traditional mediums. Her ritualistic practice takes time, it is meditative, methodical and rhythmic which supports an ongoing investigation of the discipline required to remain in the moment while performing an act of endurance where every stitch is purposeful and calculated.

Lada was born in Melbourne to parents who immigrated to Australia as political refugees. Their work as foreign correspondents left an imprint which she believes was the catalyst for her lifelong interest in the human mind and the impact of life experiences on the psyche.

On completion of a Fine Art Degree at Monash University, Lada went on to study an intensive course in Anatomy at the University of NSW, School of Medical Sciences where she was given the opportunity to sketch and work with human cadavers including the human brain. Later, her contemplative practice led her to study Tibetan Buddhism.

Lada works from Square One Studios in Sydney.

10% of all proceeds will be donated to NeuRA, Neuroscience Research Australia




Lada Dedic – The Artist’s Brain

07 Apr - 29 Apr 2018