Gillian Lavery

Exhibiting Artist


These particular works, the Pencil Drawings, explore the relationship between textile and drawing processes. They began with an investigation of different basketry techniques but rather than draw the basket I wanted to draw as if I were weaving the basket. It became a process of translating a line of thread into a line of pencil.

It was important not represent or depict, but to capture what it means to make something, especially something that is built through hours of repetitive movements. Although each drawing begins with the same looped line of pencil, how they evolve is unique and unplanned. The drawing takes a form of its own, a personality, which is influenced to some degree by how I am feeling, how tightly I am holding the pencil or the position in which I am sitting. The effect of the body on form is also an element of basketry.

These stitched drawings were developed as part of an investigation into how one might map the experience of loss and destruction; a material exploration focused on mapping different versions of a place in layers.

Traces and memory are alluded to through the use of materials which are remainders and reminders of previous bodies of work. The scraps of silk, rice paper, charcoal and ink drawings were stitched to the linen with lines and marks referencing maps, blueprints and floor plans.

The textile map samplers were deliberately portable. I carried them around with me and worked on them when I had a spare moment; on public transport, or waiting for a meeting. This established a relationship between them and the everyday aspects of life, referring to the way in which life continues after an event even as the traces of it are carried with you. 



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30 Aug - 12 Oct 2014


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19 Jul - 24 Aug 2014