Conrad Botes

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Conrad Botes’ work explores the underbelly of his homeland, South Africa. His biting satire, frequently directed at the country’s tumultuous history, society, politics and religion, is channelled into both his painting and printmaking. At the same time, his paintings are deeply personal and Botes’ places the viewers reaction above his own explanation, preferring that the audience formulate their own ideas about the work. In addition to his paintings, Botes is one of the founders of Bitterkomiks, a publication he started as a student in the early 90s that prints satirical comics aimed to jolt the establishment. Botes was born in 1969 in Ladismith, Western Cape, and lives in Cape Town. He has an MA Fine Arts from the University of Stellensbosch (1997) and a Diploma in Second Phase Illustration from the Koninklijke Akademie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag, Netherlands (1994).




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Conrad Botes

01 May - 08 Jun 2014