WRAP UP: A whirlwind visit to Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

Well it’s a bit late coming but here are some pix of our whirlwind, late May LOM trip to Art Basel Honk Kong. It was a great art fair, truly exciting to visit. One of the greatest things was seeing the city react to the occasion  with installations and performances going on, well outside the conference hall walls. It was the first ever time Art Basel has held their fair there (although it was also piggy-backing off the success of its predecessor Hong Kong Art Fair).

NB: click on the images in this post for a larger view.


Desiree Dolron Anna Zhelud, Boxes 2012 Haluk Akakce Insook Kim

Clockwise from top left:
1. Xteriors II by Desiree Dolron (Netherlands)
2. Boxes by Anna Zhelud (Russia)
3. (from top left) I love Jamaica, I love India, Thanksgiving Day
(from bottom left) Pregnant Moment, Swan-I, Ostrich-I
by Haluk Akakce (Turkish, based in Turkey and New York, USA)
4. Saturday Night Room 308 by Insook Kim (Japan based in Korea)



Showcasing works from over 3,000 artists and 245 galleries from both Asia and around the world, Art Basel Hong Kong was fantastic and was a great insight into who some of the world’s leading or best emerging galleries are representing and showing. The Fair was split into four sections ranging from established galleries, curatorial projects developed specifically for the Fair, new discoveries in the art scene (for which there was a $25,000USD prize which was jointly won by artists Navid Nuur and Adrian Ghenie), and large installations and sculptures.  There were plenty of established names ranging from the best of this and last century were scatted amongst some other exciting additions to the art scene and a great representation of Australian galleries (many showing Australian artists) including Oxley9Murrary White GalleryNeon ParcTolarnoDianne Tanzer and Utopian Slumps.


People reacting to Broken Mirror by Lee Yongbaek (Art Basel Hong Kong) from admin on Vimeo.


Tracey Emin Lee Yongbaek Laurent Grasso Rirkrit Tiravanija

Clockwise from top left:
1. Now Love is For You (neon) and Divided Personality (embroidery) by Tracey Emin (England)
2. Plastic Fish by Lee Yongbaek (Korea)
3. Visibility is a trap by Laurent Grasso (France, based in France and New York, USA)
4. Untitled (same but not equal) by Rirkrit Tiravanija (born Argentina, based in New York, Berlin, and Chiang Mai)

As well as the Art Fair, there were LOADS of satellite fairs and shows happening everywhere. We simply couldn’t visit them all! What we did visit though were amazing, including a surprisingly successful buying trip through Hong Kong Contemporary Budget 13 (otherwise known as HKB13. Great new, young international artists here!), the Asia Contemporary Art Show, para-site gallery, the hilarious travelling giant, yellow rubber duck by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and countless other pieces scattered all throughout the city. Last but not least, we also visited a great group show at beautiful Cat Street Gallery which was showing many of our favourite artists as well such as Lyndi Sales, Marna Hattingh, Barbara Wildenboer and Yuki Matuseda. Great show! And all in all, a fantastic art trip as well.


Mask flower unknown 1 unknown 2 Paul Davies

Clockwise from top left:
1. face mask flower as seen at HKCB13
2. photographic print as seen at HKCB13
3. kinetic bike as seen as HKCB13
4. Disused Palms stencil by Paul Davies as seen at (details coming soon)


PS. For anyone visiting Hong Kong, we stayed at Hotel Icon which was absolutely fantastic. And don’t forget to try the truly delicious 22 Ships by Michelin star chef Jason Atherton and Yenn Wong. 22 Ships is a Movida-inspired tapas restaurant (as per the iconic Melbourne laneway restaurant), the food here was incredible and the service excellent. Don’t forget!