Summer Group Show

Illustrations from around the world We hosted the last exhibition for the year with a Summer Group Show featuring the exhibition The Path Less Deconstructed. The exhibition showcased 50 Illustrators from around the globe. Amongst the Australian Illustrators were Sydney based: Christopher Nielson, Stuart McLachlan, Nigel Buchanan, Jim Tsinganos,Lew Keilar, Simon Letch, Grant Cowan and Tamara White. Emerging and established illustrators also participated from South Africa, Philippines, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, India, Argentina, Portugal and America.As part of this exhibition works were also on display by leading Australian photographer Lynne Roberts-Goodwin who has recently joined the gallery,as well as Annie Aitken, Lyndi Sales, Lee Sang Hyun, Kim Yisu, Lionel Smit, Louis Olivier, Karin Preller and Conrad Botes.The Path Less Deconstructed was co-curated by Alexander’s Band and Kalashnikovv.