Spring 2013 – What’s on for art in Sydney


Museums & Festivals

Art & About Sydney 2013, Festival
Private Lives… Public Spaces: 20th September – 20th October 2013, Exhibitions, Installations, Family Events, Talks and Tours, this festival is right across all spectrums, definitely worth spending time reading the program. http://www.artandabout.com.au/

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Holiday Program
Harbour Hoopla: 23rd September – 4th October 2013,: FREE!!! Performance of Mime, Magic and illusion, in the Entrance Hall of the AGNSW, join Russell Garbutt and Julia Cotton as Duo Etcetera, this is an interactive experience that will certainly engage and enthrall your children.

Sydney Moderns: 23rd September – 4th October 2013,. A tour of the Sydney Moderns exhibition that involves creating Art, producing a flaneur’s keen eye for observation.

Museum of Contemporary Art
Primavera 30th August – 2nd February 2013, Young Australian Artists!! An exciting collection of works from Australia’s emerging artists, 35 years and under.

an event for 12-18 yrs. Activities with current exhibitions as well as live music by other youths. Food, art, fun and free.
Power House Museum
Kaleidoscpoe Workshop: 21st September – 7th October 2013, this is a cool idea, exploring the nature of shadows through interaction with light and dark, dodge a maze of Lasers and watch stuff glow.

Glow in the Dark…Science Work Shop –24th, 25th, 26th, 27th and 30th September 2013, science and art come together (once again) to create an enthralling experience.

Beaux Ball:
7th November 2013, Architecture as fancy dress, go as your favourite building!! 18+

Sydney Opera House
Graphic Festival 2013:
Animation, illustration, music and underground ground art forms.
There is only one thing to do, check it out!

If you want a bit more insight, read the feature on Pulitzer prize-winning graphic novelist, Art Spiegelman, in The Australian, Review, Sept 21- 22, by Jacquelin Magnay.

White Rabbit Gallery
Serve the People: 30th August 2013– 2nd February 3014,
White Rabbit should always be part of what you see, because if the diverting, exciting and refreshingly new take on contemporary art featured in this privately owned collection of Chinese Art.