Scent of the Streets

Where perfume meets cocktails

The works in this exhibition derive from Street Art where works are created and viewed in public spaces. The works have a number of different smells, some sweet, some powerful and some not so pleasant. The smells of the public street are not present in a gallery setting, but by associating a work of art and a scent it can add another dimension to our own personal experience with visual arts.

For Scent of the Street, guests smelt a range of perfumes chosen to sit alongside some of the artworks. The choices of scents were very subjective and made for a variety of reasons but at times this was a complete contrast.The dominant Lily of the Valley notes in Diorissimo are very far removed from the smell of oil or petrol, yet oil is as ‘ natural’ as flowers. At other times it was similarity. Bulgari Black has a rubber note which for me evoked the urban setting yet the perfume is as sophisticated as the shopping bags in the artwork. Chris Uphues’ heart shaped smiley faces are happy pieces that immediately made me think and look for a happy perfume; therefore, it was Love Coconut with its coriander and coconut scents that fitted the bill. After the main talk, guests were able to create their own scent associations using a range of perfumes on display all the while sipping on a cardamom and rose cocktail and a Chocolate Baileys Martini.

Perfumes and artwork association listed below:
• Vaara by Penhaligons for Peregrine, 2013 by Shannon Crees
• Anima Dulcis by Arquiste for Judith, 2012 by Adnate
• Diorissimo by Dior for Peak, 2013 by Will Coles
• Love Coconut by Honoré des Prés for Green Heart, 2014 by Chris Uphues
• Bulgari Black by Bulgari for Branded, 2010 by Slinkachu
• L’ Heure Bleue by Guerlain for Forever Chasing the Dawn, 2013 by Morley