Head On Photo Festival

Opening Night

The Head On Photo exhibition opened on Tuesday night at .M Contemporary. The festival is Australia’s largest photo festival and celebrates a wide range of photography across all genres: from photojournalism, reportage, commercial and fine-art.

In the lower gallery are Catherine Nelson’s body of work Future Memories, while the upper gallery features various photographers such as; Roger Ballen, Ben Lowy, Glenn Campbell, Brian Cassey, John Donegan, Peter Eastway, Murray Fredericks, Craig Golding, Sam Harris, Phil Hillyard, Katrin Koenning, Jon Lewis, David Dare Parker, Martine Perret, Chris Rainier, Jackie Ranken, Moshe Rosenzveig, Peter Solness and Fiona Wolf.

We had the privilege of photographer Andrew Quilty present at the opening. Andrew who is currently based between Sydney and New York is in Sydney for Semi Permanent 2014. The exhibition is curated by Brian Cassey, Moshe Rosenzveig and Deborah Mills.

We would like to say a big thank you to Festival Director Moshe Rosenzveig, Program Manager John Slaytor, Curator and Photographer Brian Cassey, Curator Deborah Mills and Intern Candice Miles for all their hard work before and during the exhibition.