CJ Taylor, Simone Rosebauer and Eloise Cato

14 February to 15 March 2015

Opening CJ Taylor Mere Tyrannies, Simone Rosenbauer Like Ice in the Sunshine and Eloise Cato Dualis

 This exhibition sees three different artists practice: CJ Taylor’s body of work comprises of two significant series – even,still (2011-2014) and the ongoing either,either (2013 – ). 

His work collapses time, history, fact and fiction into beautiful new worlds replete with certainty and contradiction.

 Simone Rosenbauer takes us on a journey of fleeting moments and chequered memories in her photographic series Like Ice in the Sunshine. Rosenbauer captures the happy simplicity of an ice block to capture moments loved and lost, to dwell on ephemeral experiences and to chart the strength – and frailty – of changing identities.

Eloise Cato graduated from the National Art School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2013. Cato works within the realm of the remnant, she dismantles landscapes. Using existing parallels and polarities shared with art contexts and language to consider the notion of natural disasters as natural abstractions. By the method of burning, her mono-chromatic work becomes not only the remains of a brutal force but the embodiment of an art medium.