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Christmas Exhibition Opening

6 December- 25 January 2015

Our last exhibitions for 2014, features Sydney based artists Jason Christopher with ‘Unchained’, Garth Knight with ‘Pollinators’ and Tasmanian based artist Joel Crosswell with ‘Vacation Destination’. Each with their differing artistic practices, they showcase different cultural shifts and stories through installation, sculpture, drawing and photography.

As well as Evolve .M Contemporary’s fourth emerging artist exhibition, including artists: James R Ford, Freya Pitt, Meaghan Potter, Ben Stone-Herbert and Hannah Toohey.

Jason Christopher’s work takes a satirical view on our own sense of reality. He explores the synergy with the machine world, commenting on cultural shifts that distance our relationship with natural systems and produces an eclectic range of multimedia works, fusing innovative technologies with traditional based practices.

Joel Crosswell uses biographical stories and events to connect with wider themes relating to spirituality, existence and the human condition. He sources influence from cinema, cultural beliefs, ritual, surrealism, pop culture and the renaissance period using mediums in drawing and sculpture.

Garth Knight’s series of images are creatures made up of thousands of pictures of flowers. The symbiotic relationship between the two, flowers and pollinators, make them almost one being, neither exist without the other, they are separate parts of the same organism.

James R Ford currently based in Wellington investigates and reflects on the existential nature and use of conventional materials. He is fascinated with modes of presentation, process and the filling in of time.

Freya Pitt an emerging artist from Melbourne, has created the series Desire; a story of hands explores the potential in a moment; in an unexpected relationship. It plays with the universality of intimacy and the power of fragility. Once upon a time, we had only hands. Using them, we build the world.

Meaghan Potter is a Sydney based artist who takes familiar elements of art and nature and reveals their complexities by using animals, specifically felines and canines as subject matter. She explores their fur colour and pattern as a means to an abstract language in art.

Ben Stone-Herbert
is a Sydney based emerging photographic artist, he is known for his alternative and hand-on approach to photographs by exposing images onto paper.

Hannah Toohey is a National Art School graduate, who examines the contemporary sublime and notion of identity through an exploration of material quality and the concept of the ‘unique state multiple’.

The exhibitions will run from 6 December- 25 January 2015