Catherine Nelson

Catherine Nelson
Future Memories
1 May- 31 May 2014

Catherine Nelson was born in Sydney. After leaving school she completed her art education at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney and then moved quickly into the world of film and television, creating visual effects for films such as: Moulin RougeHarry Potter, The Prisoner of Azkaban, 300, and Australia.

Future Memories are immersive landscapes, rich with detail and an in-tune understanding of ‘place’. Each piece is a meticulous reconstruction of a specific site, well-known to the artist, in various permutations of time, seasonal changes and the weather. The works re-create the sublime effect of being fully immersed in nature, highlighting the ability of landscape (and the memory of landscape) to affect both mood and emotion.

Catherine has received many awards including; Photographer of the Year AX3 Awards USA in 2013, Winner of Gallery NOW Artist Award Seoul, Korea 2012, Winner of Eclectica and Frensham Fellowship Art Prize 2011 and Winner of the Royal Bank of Scotland Emerging Artist Client Choice Award 2010.

Her works have been featured in publications such as: Gente di Fotografia, Arts Magazine, Monthly Photo Art Magazine, Corriere Della Sera, Courier International, Design your Lifestyle, Australian Financial Review Magazine, Austrade, Morning Beijing, Art Actuel and Time Out.

Collections include national and international companies: City of Sydney, Microsoft, Artbank Australia, Australia Club, Daryl Hewson Collection, Morgan Stanley New York, University of South Florida and various private collections in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.