Art & Wine

The first of a series of talks on art and wine was well received on Tuesday night. .M TALK, Understanding the Visual Arts Ecosystem presented by Lisa Corsi the co-founder and Managing Director of ARTCELL and complemented by Pierre Durand a senior broker at Langton’s shared insightful knowledge of wines that accompanied the dinner at Nino’s restaurant.

ARTCELL is an independent agency established in 2007 to provide Collections Management and Project Management services specifically for the visual arts industry. With a 15-year career in the visual arts, Lisa’s experience extends to working with international intergovernmental organisations and with local, national and international artist run initiatives, galleries and museums.

Lisa generously explored the art world from the artist who interprets the current issues in a visual language to the complexities of the art market. Her wealth of experience was apparent as she navigated the journey of art and artist from the artist run initiatives, commercial galleries and institutional collections. As the publisher of Art Collector, Lisa also covered the methods and motives for collecting art. Expanding on arts relevance as a visual documentation of the current issues and concerns of its time, adding to the cultural history.

LANGTON’S Brokerage works with more than 600 wineries in Australia. They have built a close relationship with many distributors and importers. They also deal directly with Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Pierre has over 9 years experience in the industry encompassing anything from viticulture, winemaking and sales.Pierre’s understanding of regions and the particularities of wine were extended by his knowledge of buying for a collection or immediate enjoyment. Pierre guided our party through the selection of wines to accompany the meal at Nino’s restaurant as our party enjoyed the evening. Thank you to Langton’s who kindly sponsored the evening.

.M Contemporary guests engaged wholly with both our speaker to expand and explore their areas of expertise. The evening was a great success with anticipation for the next .M Talk event: ART & WINE.