Iggy Azalea pops into the gallery

Woollahra gallery is visited by Iggy Azalea, who bought artworks by two Sydney based gallery artists.

Last Friday our Woollahra gallery had a surprise guest artist, Iggy Azalea, who bought artworks by two Sydney based gallery artists.

One of the works Azalea bought a painting by emerging artist Jodie Clark called Tigress, Portrait of a Lady unfinished 2016. Clark won the gallery’s YAI (Young Artist Initiative) emerging art prize in 2014 and has her first solo show on currently.

“It’s very exciting, I mean it’s amazing to make a sale obviously, but to make a sale to someone who is so high profile, is incredible,” Clark said. “I’m just happy that such a strong, kick-arse, like-minded female has bought the work.”


“My work is quite sexual and empowered, a lot of people look at the work and run the other way, so I hope that Iggy buying my work will inspire other people to stop and take a second look and see where it is coming from.”

Azalea also secured a work from Simone Rosenbauers recent show, Like Ice in the Sunshine II (LA). The exhibition featured 31 photographs of iconic American ice creams melting in the sun and was created during Rosenbauer’s artist residency at 18th Street Arts Centre  Los Angeles earlier this year.


Gallery owner Michele Paterson was in the gallery when Azalea visited after seeing the artworks in the window as she drove past.

“She wanted to take the work with her immediately so she took the Jodi Clark piece and we will ship the other to her now,” Paterson said.

“She’s just bought a new house and said she had been searching for a long time to find something that would work in her place.”

Iggy Azalea was home in Australia supporting and judging X Factor mentees and her visit to the gallery has been featured in the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. Both articles highlighted her buying the work as an act of support for emerging artists.

“The best thing that you can do for emerging artists is buy their work” says Paterson “The gallery believes very strongly in supporting artists as they begin their career, that is why we run the YAI program featuring graduates from the 3 art schools in Sydney”

Jodi Clarks exhibition I’m Game if You Are will be showing at the Woollahra gallery throughout December and you can catch some of Simone Rosenbauer’s  works at our Bondi Gallery throughout Summer.

The catalogue of new emerging artists for the YAI 2016  show is being put together currently and will be exhibited in the gallery early Feburary.