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Laundromat, Ai Wei Wei installation at Jeffrey Deitch

From Studio to Study

February 23, 2017 | Category:

Will technology kill painting and sculpture?

Laundromat, Ai Wei Wei installation at Jeffrey Deitch, New York  Painting and sculpture are the traditional foundations of any artist’s career. Yet in an era where technology is so pervasive, how important will these hands-on skills be to future artists? Will we always be drawn to works showing the physical touch an artist’s hand? To […]

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Iggy Azalea pops into the gallery

November 24, 2016 | Category:

Woollahra gallery is visited by Iggy Azalea, who bought artworks by two Sydney based gallery artists.

Last Friday our Woollahra gallery had a surprise guest artist, Iggy Azalea, who bought artworks by two Sydney based gallery artists. One of the works Azalea bought a painting by emerging artist Jodie Clark called Tigress, Portrait of a Lady unfinished 2016. Clark won the gallery’s YAI (Young Artist Initiative) emerging art prize in 2014 […]

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Top 10 Tips for New Art Collectors

May 25, 2016 | Category:

and Top 3 Tips - What NOT to do when buying Art

      After interviewing hundreds of experienced collectors, we believe this list is the most invaluable tool for a new art enthusiast   1. Do you have a visual reaction? It has to catch your eye. When you first look at an artwork, it needs to visually stimulate you, not necessarily because it’s pretty […]

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Buying Art with ArtMoney

| Category:

Myth Number 1: You Can’t Afford To Buy Art.

Myth Number 1: You Can’t Afford To Buy Art. When Kate Bridges turned 30, she decided it was time to buy a work of art she had spied every day for weeks. Like many of us: “I had been buying clothes and bags and going on holidays – spending my salary like water on stuff […]

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William Kentridge Photo: Marc Shoul, courtesy of Berliner Festspiele

William Kentridge Slams European Leaders for Being Greedy and Selfish

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Art News

  The South African artist William Kentridge is the latest art world figure to criticize Europe’s refugee policy after he delivered a scathing condemnation of the migrant crisis. Speaking to the German art and culture publication Art Magazin ahead of the opening of his museum survey at Berlin’s Martin Gropius Bau, the artist took a moment […]

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Private Museums

April 27, 2016 | Category:

Australia As A Nation Of Exhibitionists?

At the Western end of a meandering Hong Kong road, the eye is undeniably drawn to a meticulously renovated building, tucked between trinket sellers, ubiquitous antique stores and herbal medicine shops. At the unadorned entrance, we question: is it an exclusive hotel? A beautiful residential creation? Neither. This is the four-storey Liang Yi Museum – […]

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